rebirth in rome retreat for women


in Rome


December 5-9, 2019

Your Time is Now.

December 5-9, 2019

Renew Your Soul's Desire. Reignite Your Purpose.

Rebirth in Rome Retreat is designed specifically to address what matters most to you in your business -- your message and your money. With an emphasis on defining your purpose and providing the latest strategies in digital marketing, Rebirth in Rome Retreat is crafted to be aligned with your highest expression of SELF.

Rebirth in Rome Retreat is for purpose-driven, high-achieving entrepreneurs, executives and experts who crave the perfect combination of business strategy, accountability, peer and community support, while maintaining a foundation rooted in spiritual development and personal growth.


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Being passed over for promotions...

Spending endless hours posting on social media with no engagement...

Having a thousand ideas that can't get off the ground...

Feeling like there's more you can do but you don't know what MORE is...

Not knowing how to be a leader AND stay true to your calling...


Trying to find the most comfortable (and cute) shoes for yet another networking event... You're over it.

You're tired of...

Designed with you in mind!

December 5-9, 2019

The problem is that most entrepreneurs focus on the wrong things.

You have these goals, dreams, wishes and desires, and yet year after year, you find yourself stuck. Unable to manifest what you REALLY want.

Deep down in your soul, you know that

walking in your divine purpose...

Is (much) more than having a great product or service

Is (much) more than having a national media exposure

Is (much) more than having a strong on-point business strategy

(and a wallet full of business cards)

Is (much) more than attending every live event known to man and speaking for free

  • You MUST know why you are in business and why anyone should care

  • You MUST know the passions and desires of your audience and speak with

authority to them

(because no one can hear your whispers)

  • You MUST have a system in place that keeps you in your happy place

(and not a crazy place)

  • You MUST break through the nasty, negative voices in your head that keep you stuck

(and no one really knowing about you or understanding you)

There's a better way to design your business and tune in to your infinite potential.
You can get away with mediocre photos, videos and a website, but if you are not speaking to the deepest desires of your tribe and you don't have a system to keep it all together, you will continue to feel like you're stuck and falling behind. You must know who you are at your core and shout it to the mountaintops.

That's where I come in...

I help overwhelmed, frustrated and passionate business owners design a brand and system for maximum influence and a luxe lifestyle beyond their wildest dreams (just like a happy diva sipping a cosmo in a penthouse suite).

I'm going to show you how to get on the right track to manifesting your desires.

In Rome, Italy!

Hi, I’m Theresa Campbell and I’m a branding expert and business coach. I spent 15 years in corporate marketing at Warner Bros. Studios and in 2010 ventured out on my own. (Yep, I won some awards and met Oliver Stone.) Since then, I have started businesses in various industries including office supplies and women’s clothing and have found my passion in helping other entrepreneurs achieve success. In 2016, I published my first book, “Woman on the Verge of Something.” I am a book editor on several works, and a published writer on Thrive Global.
I’m stoked to help you own your power and share your message in beautiful settings around the world.
You're invited to join a force of dedicated women just like you!
Welcome to...
Your desires. Your purpose. Your destiny.
Enjoy one-on-one attention and expert guidance from Branding Expert Theresa Campbell who will coach you to implement your very own unique   business model. You’ll learn time-tested business structures for setting up your business in a global marketplace. Then we’ll delve into your personal power, positioning your mindset for unlimited wealth and abundance and harness your iconic creativity. We will round out our time together with an expert talk on crowdfunding!
Experience a new level of personal success on an divine level as a powerful, spirit-filled, sumptuous woman as you expand your brand, your message, your movement, income and lifestyle.
Claim ownership of the unlimited CEO in you, as the powerful and giving entrepreneur you are, acting always from a place of love and generosity as you ‘live on brand’.
Exude confidence and integrity as a CEO who knows her worth... able to share her love and abundance, creating a source of income for her family, and a legacy for future generations.

Rey Ybarra

“Theresa is incredible to work with! She has made my brand shine and has made it stand out with her outstanding work! She is a true talent and I highly recommend her! She is


the BEST I have worked with!!!”  

Tondra Mosley

I just had to give a shout out to an Extraordinary Lady, Extra Extraordinary Branding Coach, and most importantly beautiful spirit. She truly blesses my whole being and my whole being is my brand!


Fullest Expression,


  • Four (4) nights accommodations at 5-Star hotel in Rome, the epicenter of Italy!
  • Arrival transfer from La Fiumicino airport to hotel
  • Welcome Prosecco toast and greeting with Italian business professor
  • Excursion to Vatican City including St. Peter's Basilica, The Sisten Chapel and the Vatican
  • Excursion to the Colosseum
  • Tuscany Tour (Florence and Pisa)
  • Branding photos taking with Italian photographer
  • Branding Blueprint
  • Global Entrepreneurship Workshop
  • Crowdfunding Workshop
  • Mindset Mastery Workshop
  • Digital Marketing and Sales Funnel Workshop
  • and... Tons of La Dolce Vita!

Leave behind every care and get ready to meet old friends and make new ones!

After being transported from the airport to our hotel, recharge in your room and get ready for our evening soiree!

We will have a meet and greet Prosecco toast, and then delve into what it is to be a renaissance woman today and how we can impact global entrepreneurship.

You'll have some time to explore local surroundings.



Buongiorno! Today, Rome will be our classroom!

Arise early to take in the beauty of the Eternal City!

We will start bright and early with a VIP tour of the Vatican, Sisten Chapel and St. Peter's Basilica.

We'll then be escorted to the Colosseum to visit this illustrious UNESCO site.

This will be a major photoshoot day, so be ready!

We will do our best to also visit the Spanish Steps. Lunch is included. Bon apetito!


Our theme for today is "Your Time is Now!" This is our main training day and we will spend it in complete sisterhood as we deconstruct what no longer serves our higher purpose and reconstruct our destiny to manifest generational legacies, global business, and mega empires! Our workshops today include:

  1. Crowdfunding Success

  2. Master Your Mindset

  3. Digital Marketing and Sales Funnels

  4. The Global Entrepreneur for Social Impact

Lunch is included. You have the evening on your own to explore Rome!


Today we will head to the Cradle of the Renaissance... Tuscany!

We will stop in Pisa and Florence and end our time in this beautiful region with a sunset dinner in the Florentine hills!


Our theme for today is Generational Blessings Start with Me! Our focus will be on full release and full allowance of our God-given gifts!

Your time is now!



The goal of Rebirth in Rome Retreat is to provide a space for your global awareness to take flight and for new ideas to unfold in you -- ideas that force your to take action in your home community. With experts to light the way, nothing short of your ultimate dreams realized will do!

Faith without acts is dead, and this retreat's soul purpose is to reignite and rekindle your desire to live on purpose, on assignment, on pointe -- simply on!

With our new sisterhood, we depart reborn!


Full Payment


Finance Option


$500 deposit plus 4 monthly payments of $500 per month

I want you to know that this is a unique experience...
Really it is...
As you’re thinking about whether to join us at Rebirth in Rome Retreat, I want to be frank  with you. This is NOT a class that will give you some magical strategy with fairy dust to help get to 5 figures tomorrow or get a thousand clients over night. Absolutely no fairy dust here. You will learn the latest strategies to start and grow your business with a system, but you WILL have to work. You will learn how to reset your mind, how to think behind yourself, how to crowdfund your story. You may miss a night's sleep, or two. But I promise you, you will never be the same. It's all up to you though, and how bad you really want to live life the way YOU want to live life. I threw away every excuse in the book, dropped off my bag of issues at the dumpster, and I've never looked back.
Your spirit is your best guide.
What you believe about yourself is the most important factor with anything you do. You need to put in the work, believe in yourself, have a strong faith in God (the Universe), and everything else will fall into place. Believe that what you want truly exists and you will see it. If you’re open to learning and taking the actions recommended, then I sincerely welcome you to join Rebirth in Rome Retreat.
Here is what my clients have said about our work together...

Lovernon Johnson

Talitha Cumi Haven is dedicated to empowering young adult females in Philly. Love her signature initiative, Princess for a Night, where she helps young women attend their prom, who would not otherwise have the chance.

Sunnie Givens

"Theresa knew exactly what I wanted. I love it!

Victoria Graves

Theresa was my business coach a few years ago and she is AMAZING! She really helped me focus into developing my brand and developing myself! Theresa really came into my life when I felt like giving up on my business. It’s so important to surround yourself with people who will help keep you in your purpose.”

Full Payment


Finance Option


*$500 Deposit with 4 monthly payments of $500 per month

Renew Your Soul's Desire. Reignite Your Purpose.

Now It's Your Turn...


And to make it easy for you, I’m going to do what no one else is doing.


Join this sacred time of sisterhood in The Eternal City of Rome!

Secure your spot today for $500!

"No woman can rise to her greatest possible height in talent or soul development unless she has plenty of money, for to unfold the soul and to develop talent she must have many things to use, and she cannot have these things unless she has money to buy them with."

The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles


You are here for a reason. There are no coincidences, only divine connections that occur at a divine moment in time. This is the greatest time in history as we have at our fingertips the key to unlocking our destinies. I am holding space for you as you come into alignment with the essence of who you are. If you have questions about Rebirth in Rome Retreat, feel free to schedule a time to chat that works best for you.

I am so very excited for your expansion.

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