The Phenom Mastermind
module one


Clarity is always the first step to getting what you want. This week is about getting massively clear on your message/your core truth and translate that into your authentic branding.


This will transform your vibe, energy, and voice instantly. This lesson alone is absolutely business changing.

Easy payment plan of four (4) $125 per week

or $500 one-time payment.

module two


Confidently embrace the uniqueness that is you. It's time to love, accept, believe in and embrace yourself and your gifts... so that others can do the same. Let's obliterate doubt, fear, dread and self-consciousness about your work. It’s absolutely vital that you know and believe with every ounce of you that your work is massively important. I share my personal daily steps to keep myself boldly and unapologetically believing in work. Once we are clear there, I will I teach you my unique process for picking the visual comments to your brand. We will style your brand so it looks and feels LIKE YOU.

Easy payment plan of four (4) $125 per week

or $500 one-time payment.

module three


It's my job to teach you everything I know about getting visible online. People can not hire you if they can’t see you. It’s time to show up on social media and in your client's inbox with purpose. I will share with you my strategies for online visibility and how to stand out on social media platforms.

Easy payment plan of four (4) $125 per week

or $500 one-time payment.

module four


MY FAVORITE PART: Let's tap into the irresistible energy that comes from boldly and unapologetically sharing your authentically branding truth online. This is the major ways I attract clients, media, and money. I will also share my process for getting clear around my earnings goals and standing behind those numbers until they are mine. I will go into pricing, overcoming objections around price, and raising your prices over time. I also give you my five-step process for making money with each new offer online. I will share how I infused practicality and spirituality in earning my desired income. It simply wouldn’t be one of my courses if we didn’t manifest our desires.

Easy payment plan of four (4) $125 per week

or $500 one-time payment.

the details

I will teach you to:

  • Get ridiculously clear on your core message 

  •  Believe in yourself and the power of your work, fiercely

  •  Implement the strategy + mindset that keeps me growing so fast

  •  Grow an audience that is obsessed with you by virtue of service

  •  Increase your capacity for greater levels of impact and income

  • I will ask you to:

  •  Release, once again, your tendency to play small

  •  Align yourself with your truth in all you do... like, yesterday

  •  Rise up to a new level of service + purpose 

  •  Look your resistance and fear and excuses in the face 

  •  Expand your current capacity for experiencing abundance + joy + passion

  •  Dedicate to receiving your desires

  •  Raise your mother effing vibe. It's time you feel good + love your business

  •  Make sh*t easier. Less effort. More flow. Every day.



We are going to talk about the energetic uplevels that will continually be required of to go to the next phase of your dreams, vision, and purpose... over and over again.


This is the stuff that allows you to speed up time and build your empire quickly.

You'll also received a "I Am Phenomenal Woman" coffee mug when you sign up!

Easy payment plan of four (4) $125 per week

or $500 one-time payment.

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  • BONUS: How to build a landing page like a pro

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